NEWS: Sinterwerke Herne GmbH partners with SACMI

The German company chose SACMI’s Powder Metal solutions to improve the performances of its pressing lines.

A 30% increase in productivity is not commonly seen in industrial processes, but this is the competitive advantage that SWH is today capitalizing thanks to the newly installed MPH200. Set to produce cam-rings for automatic gearboxes in a warm compaction process SACMI’s 200 ton press once again confirms itself as the best-in-class equipment in its range.

Sinterwerke Herne is a German company specialized in the production of high-density sinter parts with the highest standards in geometry and materials for the automotive and power tool industry. As an international supplier working with the best-known manufactures, SWH offers its support during the whole process chain, from the construction of the part, the tool and process layout, through the pressing and sintering up to the mechanical machining.

The new MPH200 features an innovative hydraulic circuit that provides lower energy consumption, with reductions in the order of 15 - 40 % depending on production conditions. In addition, thanks to the adaptive pressure lines, the press provides unparalleled performances with potential speed gains of up to 50% whatever the production scenario.

The highest efficiency is granted as well by the user-friendly Assisted Programming Interface (API) that drastically reduces the press programming and tuning times. The integrated graphical interface automatically generates the best pressing curves based on the geometrical characteristics of the piece and allows visualizing the pressing cycle even before starting the production.

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