NEWS: SACMI MPH300, Jopp leading the way to excellence

SACMI’s MPH300 press for high precision powder metal compaction installed at Jopp’s plant in Bad Neustadt (Germany).

Founded in 1919 and with more than 40 years of experience in PM parts production, JOPP is today a Group of 11 companies across 3 continents active in 6 different business sectors as a worldwide supplier of the Automotive Industry.
As the company’s tagline “Leading the way to excellence” suggests, over the years JOPP has always been keen to pursue innovation through smart application of state-of-art technologies and the recently installation of the MPH300 press is no exception.

MPH is SACMI’s range of fully automatic hydraulic CNC controlled presses that are already setting new standards for PM pressing technology: appreciated by Customers across 4 continents the MPH are today synonyms of high productivity and best quality.
Jopp will moreover benefit from the meticulous attention SACMI always puts into energy saving and environmental sustainability: the MPH300 hydraulics in fact rely on regenerative circuits that adapt the oil flow to the different stages of the compacting process thus minimizing the energy consumption.

High efficiency is granted as well by SACMI’s fully electric tool manipulator installed on the press body that allows a fast and precise tool assembly in a minimized floor space and by the greatly appreciated Assisted Programming Interface (API) that drastically reduces the press programming and tuning times.

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